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Annual Memorial Service 2023



Sunday 15th October


Hitchin Town Hall

Brand Street Hitchin SG5 1HX



As part of Babyloss Awareness Week 2023 we will be holding a memorial service, in conjunction with East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust. The service will feature readings and music from bereaved parents and staff from the Lister Hospital. 


As part of the service, the chaplains at the Lister Hospital will be reading out the names of babies we have lost, known or cared for. If you would like your baby's name read out please email the details to lynsey.moorley@sandsvolunteer.org.uk


If you are concerned about the pronounciation of your precious baby's name please mention this in your email and Lynsey will be in touch with you.


The service is non-religious and people of any or no religion are very welcome. Chaplains from the Lister Hospital will be attending should you wish to talk or pray with them after the service.


All ages are welcome but if you are bringing a baby or young child please be prepared to take them to the cafe area adjoining the hall if they become noisy or restless during the service.


If you have any questions please contact Cathy Beach by emailing catherine.beach@sandsvolunteer.org.uk


Support meetings are normally held on the second Monday of every month at Great Ashby Community Centre in Stevenage. Please see our Support Meetings page for more details.



Join our facebook group for more information or contact our befrienders. 


Please email  northherts@sandsvolunteer.org.uk for more information.



North Herts Sands

Spring 2023



Monday 11th September – Monthly Support Group, Great Ashby,        Stevenage, 8-9.30pm


Sunday 17th SeptemberFamily Social Group, Hitchin Youth Trust, Walsworth Road, Hitchin, 2.30-4


Monday 9th October - Monthly Support Group, Great Ashby, Stevenage, 8-9.30pm


Sunday 15th October - Annual Memorial Service, Hitchin Town Hall, Hitchin, 3-4pm


Monday 13th November - Monthly Support Group, Great Ashby, Stevenage, 8-9.30pm


Monday 11th December - Monthly Support Group, Great Ashby, Stevenage, 8-9.30pm


All events are subject to the availability of our volunteers. Please check the facebook page or contact us for more information and to confirm details before attending any events.

More Befrienders and committee members Needed - Can You Help?

Would you like to help provide vital emotional support to bereaved parents in the area?


North Herts Sands is urgently looking for another befriender. A Sands befriender provides crucial support to anyone affected by the death of a baby. This will be on a rota/ shared basis with other befrienders from our Group. The role may include support via email, Facebook or phone and helping with/ leading monthly support meetings. Please note, a befriender must:


  • Complete a Befriender Training course -Please note that courses book up quickly.
  • Have been a bereaved parent for at least one year
  • Have attended at least 4 support meetings (ideally before their training) before they become a befriender, in accordance with Sands guidelines.


Please note that the befriender training courses are currently being held online. They fill up quickly,so if you wish to consider becoming a befriender please do get in touch for more information.


New befrienders will need join the committee once their training is complete. Committee meetings are held approximately quarterly and it would be very useful if you could attend these. However, there are no expectations about this or your level of involvement beyond your befriender role - it is up to you.


We are also looking for other committee members if you would like to get more involved without becoming a befriender. We would particularly like someone to oversee our fundraising activities but if you have any skills or simply time you can offer we would love to hear from you.


If you or anyone you know is interested in helping, please contact
Cathy Beach, North Herts Sands Chair catherine.beach@sandsvolunteer.org.uk

Thank you!

We Are Here For You

North Herts Sands is a local group of volunteers, most of whom have experienced the loss of a baby. We were established over 15 years ago as a local branch of National Sands, which was founded in 1981.


We are here to support parents and families who have lost a baby, particularly during late pregnancy, birth or shortly after birth. We are also working towards improvements in local care during pregnancy and when a baby dies.


We offer support through monthly meetings, telephone and email support and through our Facebook group. Those who attend the support meetings are all bereaved parents. We can also provide you with information and resources. Please feel free to get in touch any time using any of the contact details on the left of this site. All of our services provided are free of charge.