Remembering your baby




As time passes there are various ways you can remember your baby. As a group we offer a couple of ways in which to remember your baby. We hold an annual memorial service in October where you can come and remember your baby. We participate in the Hitchin Christmas Tree Festival in December each year and decorate our tree with our babies names, or special symbols to represent them. There is also a list of our babies names on this website where you can ask us to record your baby's name and date.


Birthdays and anniversaries can be very difficult. Some parents choose not to mark these dates, for others doing something to mark the occasions is very important. Siblings particularly often like to do something special such as have a birthday cake or small get together. The same is true for other special occasions throughout the year such as religious festivals, mothers day, fathers day and even your own birthdays, holidays and family celebrations.


Many parents are able to go to the cemetry or churchyard where their baby is buried when they want to remember their baby. If this is not possible for you then you could think about making your own special place - a bench, a flower garden, a special vase on a windowsill.


Don't forget if you are struggling please do contact us or come along to our support group. Below some of our members tell us how they remember their babies.