Family Social Group



Our family group meets on Sundays in Hitchin. Planned dates are advertised on our wesbite and social media. The group is primarily aimed at enabling children to socialise with other children who have suffered similar experiences, and to enable parents to discuss parenting issues. It is also a welcoming environment for people expecting another baby after a previous loss.


A befriender will sometimes be present at meetings if you need further support but we will always put you in touch with them if you need their help. The family group is a social group rather than a formal support group.


We recommend that if possible you attend the main support group at least a couple of times before attending the family group. For more information about the family group please email







Loss of a sibling


Children can be deeply affected when a baby dies. Toddlers and young children may be quick to sense changes in the people who are close to them, even if they are too young to understand what has happened. This can make some children feel anxious and insecure. They may behave badly which can be extremely hard for distressed parents to deal with.


Parents of older children may be unsure how to talk to them about the baby’s death, how much to involve them, and whether they should or should not attend the funeral. If you have other children, you may want to read the Sands leaflet About the other children. Sands also has a number of books that parents can read with their children to help them discuss what has happened and how they feel.


If you would like to speak to our befriender or have a look at the books and sources we have, then please contact 07958017749 or use our contact form on the left of this page. 


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